5 stars Amazing show. A moving story and visual display of the good and bad parts of a young lady and the trials faced growing into full womanhood. This show was a very well put together effort by some very talented and driven artists, who are both great athletes as well as great dancers. Having watched the show very carefully, I am kind of surprised by the comments on some other posts. To characterize the show as a series of “over sexualized tricks” is neither accurate nor reasonable. The level of skill and athleticism needed to create the differing aspects of the show is astounding, and not possible to the average person. Athletes can be very beautiful, and even sexy. These performers, both men as well as women, demonstrate that fact well. The show is a superb effort to show, through choreographic and athletic means, the journey through a woman’s life. The conceptual aspects of the show are well thought out and executed, and the visual aspects of those aspects are stunning. At least one of the parts, where the performer hangs from pure friction between her head and the apparatus is almost impossible, and amazing visually. The comments about the men remaining fully clothed, well, I just don’t know how to speak to that. Most of the men wear only pants, and the women are always covered modestly. And, in the end, this is a story about a woman, a girl. All the men are supporting and incidental to the main character. As a dance/gymnastic performance, the scenery, the wardrobe, the people performing, are great, and well in keeping with what I expect to see in a first rate creation by artists of the medium.

Scott Rockbear, Sub Rosa