Arche is a theatrical production using elements such as aerial art, partner acrobatics, theatrical dance, and projection art to tell an ancient Greek myth of creation. Elaborate costuming and authentic characters come to life on stage and take you on a magical journey through chaos, darkness, healing, and love. Featuring over 10 incredible performers, “Arche” aspires to stimulate the imagination through theater and performance

:: The Story ::
“In the beginning there was nothing. This was called Kaos. From Kaos came Gaea, the Mother Earth… and Uranus, Father Sky. Together they birthed children that made the rivers flow and the winds blow. All of life’s flora and fauna flourished within these ethereal beings. Next, Gaea and FatherSky gave birth to a monster with many arms and heads and a one-eyed Cyclops. FatherSky became angry of these beasts and cast them away back to the dark corners of Gaea’s womb. With a broken heart and revenge in her soul, Gaea gives birth to the Titans in attempts to conquer FatherSky by cutting his genitals. His drop of blood that falls onto the sea creates Aphrodite… the Goddess of Love. The love she emanates brings compassion to all beings and FatherSky and Gaea have united in awe of this new creation of Love.